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Make your Color Ring complete with our two newest shades!


Julia (#t4-m4/60) is the balayage shade you've been waiting for! As part of our Old Money Blonde collection, Julia offers the perfect pairing of "dirty" blonde lowlights and cool toned bright blonde highlights. This color gives effortless and high maintenance at the same time.

Juniper (Solid #7) is a solid level 6/7 that blends with those natural ashy "dirty" blonde shades perfectly. As part of our Old Money Blonde collection, this shade is the perfect match for your low maintenance clients who are looking to maintain or add natural depth to their hair.


Easily color-match your clients behind the chair with our thicker swatches that truly reveal the tones of our versatile shades.


Our new and improved custom Color Ring is now available showcasing all 29 of our custom color blends, including colors that were not featured in our old color ring. Shop our Color Ring HERE

Color Swatches - Julia & Juniper

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