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Sasha (Highlight #2/4) is the perfect deep brown, with a rich caramel highlight.


Our Keratin Flat Tip Extensions are 100% human, remy hair. The hair is double-drawn, ensuring equal thickness from top to bottom. Keratin Flat Tip hair can be worn for an average of 3 months with proper home care. The hair itself can be re-used if you choose to re-tip each strand, however, we do NOT recommend using the original keratin tip for re-application.


Each Flat Tip weighs 1 gram. Each package contains 25 pieces, totaling 25 grams.

Sasha (#2/4)- K-Tip

  • We do not recommend using any form of protein (animal or plant), bond builders, alkaline dyes, sulfate, alcohol, avebenzone, or sodium laurel sulfate products on Sierra & Sage Extensions. Due to the way our hair is processed these products will cause buildup/discoloration and will result in knotting and matting. Avoid salt water and chlorine to prevent color stripping, sleep with dry hair only in a low ponytail or braid, and brush your hair 2-3 times a day to prevent tangling and breakage. 

    We suggest using hydrating and moisturizing professional grade products only. A proper home care routine for Sierra & Sage Extensions includes a extension safe shampoo, conditioner, detangling spray, heat protectant, hair mask, and hair oil. If custom coloring, use acidic based color only.

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