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Hair Recycling


Buying & Installing new hair is the best! BUT if you've ever had that slightly sad, little bit guilty gut feeling when you throw your old extensions in the trash? So have we! So we did some digging to figure out how we could recylce or repurpose our hair extensions. That's when we found Matter of Trust's Clean Waves Program.

Those hair extensions may seem like they're at the end of their life- but let's work together to recycle them and save a life! The Clean Waves Program uses human hair fibers to manufacture felted mats products that soak up petrochemicals in stormdrains, wells, filtration systems, rivers and oceans…

To Learn more about their program, visit their website here.

To recycle your hair- fill out the form below, we will send you a shipping label. You just have to print it, package it and drop it off at your local post office or USPS drop box. We will receive it in our warehouse where we will collect it, prepare it and ship it to Matter of Trust. It's super simple!

Let’s Recycle Together!

Fill out the form below and we will respond at our earliest convenience via e-mail with a shipping label for your use to return the hair to Matter of Trust.

Thanks for being a helping hand!
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