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Education Policy


Sierra & Sage cannot be held liable or responsible for extension work done by any of our certified stylists.

Digital Education

Our Digital Education is protected by Copyright Laws. The filming or distribution of our online education is strictly prohibited. Anyone who is caught distributing our education videos will be immediately banned from accessing our education videos and support groups and can and will be held liable for damages.

In Person Education

Tickets for in person education are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend a class you purchased a ticket to, we will not be able to refund or reschedule your class under any circumstances. You are, however, able to sell/transfer your ticket to a different stylist.


Stylists who are certified in The Sierra & Sage Methods are not permitted to teach, certify or hold classes with the purpose of teaching our method or any of it's contents to other stylists. This includes stylists working with an assistant stylist.

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