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5 Reasons You Should Offer Hair Extensions

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Do you want to stand out as a stylist? Do you want to expand your knowledge while also expanding your wallet? Then you should consider offering hair extensions. Hair extensions can offer your clients the hair they have always wanted, while keeping them coming back for more. Read on for 5 reasons why you should be offering hair extensions:

Reason #1: Inspiration & Motivation

As stylists, we must innovate our services and stay on top of all of the trends. The best way to do this? Continuing Education. If you’ve ever attended a class or hair show, you already know that incredible feeling you get after taking a class. You know, the feeling where you fall in love with hair all over again, the feeling of nostalgia that reminds you just how you felt your first day of beauty school. Yeah, that feeling! Well, imagine that feeling multiplied by 100, that’s the feeling you’ll have after educating yourself in something totally brand new. Educating yourself in hair extensions can reinspire and motivate you to be the best stylist you can be.

Reason #2: Attract New Clientele

25% of women experience excessive thinning and hair loss over their lifetime. This data proves that a big chunk of your existing clientele could benefit from hair extensions, but it also shows that there’s a large population of women seeking services you may not be offering. Adding new services to your menu opens the door for attracting new clientele. This is especially important for stylists who may be stuck with a clientele they aren’t really loving, or possibly offering services that leave you feeling bored, unsatisfied & burnt out. Offering different methods of hair extensions can expand your service menu, while making you stand out against the competition. Simply put, expand your menu and attract new clientele.

Reason #3: Increase your Annual Income

Hair extensions are one of the fastest growing services in the beauty industry. They are also one of the most expensive services currently offered in salons.. Offering hair extensions will not only make your clients happy, but will quickly increase your annual income.

For example: we recommend charging anywhere between $120-$170 per weft and $100-$200 per row for hand tied extensions.

Let’s break it down.. for a client who has 10 wefts and two rows of extensions, if you charge $120 per weft and $120 per row. It would cost the client $1200 for hair. For installation, it would cost $240. In total, this specific client would be charged a total of $1440. After you account for your expenses or commission, you will make an average of $550 per extension client. So, if you do ten new installations this year, you will profit $5500. Those same 10 clients will visit you an average of 6 times per year for move ups @ $240 each move up (this price doesn’t even include any color you may do). Those 10 clients paying $240 each visit times 6 visits a year equals $14,400.

As you can see with some simple math. You can increase your income by $19,900 in 2022 and you’ll only need 10 clients to do it!

Reason #4: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Have you ever met someone who wanted to work more and make less? No? Neither have we! On the flip side, I think we can all agree that the dream is to make more and work less. This is a dream that for most is unattainable, but for hairstylists, it’s actually a realistic goal.

A luxury service like hair extensions, which comes with a luxury price tag can offer the ability to make more in less time. No more breaking your back double booking, no more squeezing in 6 colors a day, pulling a 12 or 13 hour day, with extensions you can make more without working so hard.

Reason #5: Stand Out from the Crowd

It’s no secret that our Industry is growing faster than ever, with a salon on every corner and Instagram being flooded with hashtags from stylists in your area. It’s more important than ever to set yourself apart! Offering a specialty service that not all stylists offer, will help you build a loyal clientele that will keep coming back. Added Bonus: Extension clients are the ultimate walking billboard, because your beautiful work will have everyone admiring and wanting extensions of their own. Trust us when we say, your extension clients will send you the most referrals.



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