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5 Ways To Revive Your Hair Extensions

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

We understand that hair extensions are an investment, which is why we're answering one of the most often asked questions; How do I make my extensions last longer? Reviving your old hair extensions is simply replenishing the moisture that has been lost, bringing them back to life. Depending on how frequently you heat style your extensions, they may last anywhere from 6 months to a year, but with these methods, you'll be able to wear your extensions as long as possible.

Hair extensions, no matter how much we wish they were, are not attached to your scalp in the same way that natural hair is. When it comes to maintaining your gorgeous and lush locks, your scalp is the ultimate genius. It keeps your hair moisturized and healthy by creating sebum, a natural oil. However, because hair extensions are not attached at the scalp, they do not have any natural nourishment source. With that being said, lack of TLC will lead them to become dry and damaged over time.

The Leading Causes of Damaged Hair Extensions:

Quality of the hair:

First and foremost, if your hair extensions are synthetic or overly processed, they are prone to become increasingly damaged at rapid speeds. Hair that has been over processed is weaker and additionally subjective to harm. Lightened extensions (blondes) are more vulnerable to dryness and breaking since they have been treated and processed the most to reach the desired color.

Hard water:

Water with a high mineral concentration is referred to as hard water. The majority of our water across the United States is hard, and your hair extensions suffer as a result. Hard water's high mineral concentration can cause hair to dry out quickly and lose its color.

Sea water and chlorine:

The sea is full of salt and minerals, and when it comes to hair extensions, it is a formula for catastrophe. At all costs, avoid getting your hair extensions wet with sea water and conduct frequent hair extension care. The damage is just as high for those who enjoy swimming in pools or relaxing in spas. Chlorine and bromine chemicals can also damage your hair extensions by drying them out and removing the color. Regular moisturizing treatments are vital for keeping your locks healthy if you are a regular swimmer.

How to revive your extensions:

1. Malibu Rehab Weft & Extensions:

This combo is the holy grail, a total must-have for fresh-looking extensions of all types! Freshly activated Vitamin C technology gently removes mineral buildup, while an innovative, ultra-hydrating formula replaces lost proteins and moisture with an expert blend of vitamins

2. Get regular trims

You've made a luxury purchase of 100% human hair. You hired a stylist to install it, and you take good care of it. You've noticed that your hair isn't flowing as freely as it used to. Your hair is scraggly at the ends, and it just seems lifeless. That’s how you know it’s time for a trim. Don't panic; it's natural for human hair to fall out. This will help with the longevity of your extensions and will freshen them up, too.

3. Take a break from heat styling

Did you know that heat styling is the most damaging thing you can do to your hair? Technically, it’s even more damaging than bleach. The same goes for extensions. Too much heat may cause more harm than good to your hair's general health. After a week of letting your hair air dry, the natural oils in your scalp will begin to regenerate, and these oils will eventually make their way down the strands, acting as a natural conditioner. You should incorporate more moisturizing products into your routine during this time, and you'll notice your hair becoming softer and more manageable.

4. Use a hydrating masque, followed by a clarifying shampoo

The Replenish Hair Masque by Malibu is great for all hair types! This ultra-hydrating deep conditioner provides an exceptional blend of nutrients and vitamins that lock in moisture, fight frizz, and drench even the most damaged locks! This product helps protect color vibrancy, shields against UV and thermal damage, helps repair hair and helps restore strength, shine and smoothness.

Oribe’s The Cleanse Clarifying Shampoo is worth all of the hype to bring your extensions back to life. It is a clarifying shampoo powered by skincare exfoliants that purifies and deeply cleanses without stripping hair's natural oils. All Oribe products are dermatologist tested and formulated with safe, high-quality, innovative ingredients. They are also PETA approved, UV protective, color and keratin-treatment safe.

5. Sleep on a silk pillowcase

The beauty of silk and improved sleep. Both anti-aging and anti-bed head, Silk Pillowcases are gentle on skin, hair & eyelash extensions. Silk pillow cases decrease frizz, tangling and breakage in natural hair and hair extensions. They also decrease eyelash extension shedding, decrease acne and wrinkles all while getting a good night's sleep.

Bringing your hair extensions back to life is a whole lot easier than you think. Taking proper care of your hair ensures your investment lasts a lot longer. Following this quick guide will keep your extensions feeling brand new for months to come.



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