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End Of Summer Hair Treatments Your Hair Is Craving

The end of summer means that the time for going to the beach, lounging by the pool, and enjoying the sunshine is quickly passing. It's crucial to keep in mind that your extensions may need some extra love following all the summertime fun. We are sharing our post-summer hair extension care guide to help you keep your extensions looking fantastic through the end of summer and into the fall!

The main thing we wanted to bring to your attention: summer can be quite damaging to your hair extensions. Swimming in chlorine, sunbathing, salt water, and sweat can all wreak havoc on your hair extensions, causing your extensions to be frizzy, dull and dry and can sometimes result in color fading or discoloration.

For a few tips on perfecting your extension care, continue reading…

Continue To Brush Your Hair Diligently:

Regardless of the season, brushing your hair extensions multiple times throughout the day will prevent them from becoming tangled and knotted. Use a brush that can detangle your hair yet is soft enough to preserve the integrity of your extensions. When brushing your hair, do so carefully and with caution. We advise starting at the bottom of your head and working your way up to the crown by gently brushing away knots.

Sierra & Sage has created two different brushes that are designed to smooth & detangle extensions.

A Smooth Talker you’ll actually want to keep around! This brush is a combination of Boar Bristles and Nylon Bristles with a wooden handle for durability. Perfect for extensions and natural hair.

Good for: smoothing & detangling.

Don't Make Me Blush is the brush that will have you feeling giddy all the time. This brush is excellent for wet or dry hair, but she really shines when detangling wet hair!

Ditch The Heat For The Fall:

It is time to ditch the heat for the Fall and let your hair rejuvenate for this season. Your natural hair and hair extensions are already vulnerable to damage from the sun, chlorinated or salty water. They can also be harmed by straightening, curling irons and even blow dryers. Try exploring some no-heat hairstyles like braids and buns. You may get a naturally wavy look without using hot tools by sleeping with your hair in loose braids (but not too tight, since this could damage your extensions). Remember to always use a heat-protectant product to your hair if you must use hot tools to keep your hair safe.

Conditioner Is Your New Bestie:

Maintaining the moisture in your hair is essential after the dry summer. Saltwater, sweat, chemicals in pool water, and the scorching sun can all dry out your extensions and make your hair feel brittle. Always use a conditioner after shampooing and consider doing a leave-in conditioner between washes. Aim to shampoo your hair only when necessary, ideally 2-3 times per week, as cleansing can dry and strip your hair, leaving it without enough moisture. To prevent a greasy crown, stay away from applying conditioner or oils close to the roots of your hair.

What To Do With Discoloration:

The most crucial tip we want you all to keep in mind after Summer is to never let chlorine or saltwater come into contact with your hair extensions, whether you're swimming on a lovely beach or in a pool. To prevent any hair discoloration, always make sure your hair is wrapped up as high as possible. This can also occur if sunscreen, moisturizer, or fake tan comes into contact with your hair, so use additional caution while using these products. If you have hard water, your hair may turn orange or pink after washing, and we can all agree that's the last thing we want.

We strongly advise clients to use a Malibu Treatment before or after spending a lot of time in the sun, washing your hair in hard water or swimming in the ocean or pool. Malibu C's Hard Water Kit rapidly eliminates and prevents hair discoloration, dryness, damage, and dullness. Even better, all of their products are created from plant-based ingredients and are entirely vegan.

Malibu also offers a Weft & Extensions Wellness Hair Remedy. This treatment helps with breakage, discoloration, and shedding! Exclusive, nature-identical vitamin technology gently removes mineral and product buildup from natural and synthetic hair, effectively stopping oxidative damage to your extensions and natural hair.

Final Thoughts:

Only a professional can provide you precise instructions on how to take care of your hair. By visiting the salon after your summer vacation, you can keep your flawless look throughout Fall and beyond. Make sure to share your concerns with your stylist and when they ask questions, be honest! This will help them with a proper diagnosis and treatment plan for the health of your hair.

Your hairstylist has an important mission to give you, their client, the knowledge and products you will need to properly take care of your new locks. Your stylist should be setting you up for success!



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