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How Consultations Directly Affect Your Overall Success

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Consultations provide the perfect opportunity to get to know your future clients and for clients to get to know you, the hairstylist, as well as the hair services you’re offering. During a consultation you get the chance to analyze your clients current state of hair, ask about their hair history, learn about their lifestyle and beauty routines, discuss their budget, and determine what is required to achieve their hair goals. At this time, it’s essential to address any concerns the client has and set up a plan of action. Not only is this effective for the practical matters of the appointment, but also to build rapport with your client.

Hairstylists who are passionate about helping clients feel beautiful through hair transformations should not do anything to a client's hair until they have conducted a thorough consultation. Use this time to educate your client on expectations, maintenance requirements, estimated cost, and any other pertinent information on the services they’re rendering in the salon.

What is a consultation?

A hair consultation is time set aside before your clients appointment to discuss their desired results, needs, and past experiences with their hair and services received. Consultations directly relate to success behind the chair by ensuring both the hairstylist and client are in agreement on a plan of action. This is a great chance to discuss all the technical details of their hair (texture, current levels, density etc.) and communicate options the client can take to achieve their hair goal. Most importantly, consultations allow you to start a relationship between you and the client. You can show them how you will meet their expectations, but also keep them realistic. Here they can see how you will be as their stylist. It is important that you understand how useful this consultation with your client is. This will be an excellent tool to create future business.

Not only will the hair consultation protect you from dissatisfied clients, but it will help you keep and create future clients. This can provide you a boost in online reviews and word-of-mouth referrals. It is also a great opportunity to upsell retail hair products. Providing a quality hair consultation is not an easy task. The stylist needs to listen attentively, absorb a lot of information, and provide a detailed plan of what they will do.

Top tips for a successful consultation:

  • Start the consultation on a positive note:

To pave the way for good communication, a hairdressing consultation needs to start off on the right foot. From the moment the client walks in the door, make sure to acknowledge their presence. Smile and greet them by name to put them at ease and set a good tone for the consultation.

  • Be transparent and clear:

Be honest about what is possible with the client’s hair. They might want something that is unrealistic with their hair type. Explain it upfront so as not to give them false hope. Discuss the options they have with their hair. Transparency and clarity about price is extremely important to acknowledge during this time as well.

  • Take your time and listen:

Really use this time to learn about your client and their goals. A stylist needs to ask the client questions, but more importantly, they need to listen to the answers. This will make them pleased with the customer service you are providing. If a client feels heard and understood they will stay and make you their main hairstylist.

Breakdown of topics to cover:

  1. Daily Routine

  2. Goals

  3. Budget

  4. Hair History

  5. Required Maintenance

  6. Products & Home Care

  7. Deposit & Waiver

Extension consultation form:

Here at Sierra & Sage we have created a consultation form to make sure you're covering some of the most important questions. Extensions and hair coloring are a large investment for your client, so it's important to make sure they know exactly what they're signing up for. It's also really important for you to ask the right questions to make sure you are meeting your clients expectations.

Client waiver form:

Due to the price point and unpredictable nature of hair extensions and hair coloring, we recommend having your client sign a waiver prior to their service. This one is our favorite..

*Please note, this waiver has not been reviewed by an attorney and we cannot offer legal advice, nor can we guarantee that its contents would be accepted in a court of law.



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