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How Retailing Clip-In Extensions Drastically Increase Your Income

Salons need a variety of moving parts to keep up in the industry. Ultimately, in order to maintain a successful hair business, it is beneficial to provide most, if not all, of the services that are trending in the stylist market. When it comes to hair salons, there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach; each one is unique and offers distinct services. But there are a ton of other service options that are sure to increase sales in addition to the core techniques you may have studied in cosmetology school. Extensions are among the most often used hair services in the business today. If you’re not already offering clip-in extensions as a stylist/salon, you could very well be forfeiting new clients, resulting in less business. Any salon can benefit greatly from offering clip-in hair extensions, particularly in terms of business expansion. But specifically, how can hair extensions support your business expansion?

How Clip-In Extensions Can Drastically Increase Your Income

A valuable addition to your hair salon that can have a big impact on ratings, income, and clients are clip-in hair extensions. Extensions are a crucial service that can result in significant business growth as they offer additional style options and instant length and volume—especially if clients want to keep up with the newest trends.

“We believe your clients should buy from you, not from us.“

Offering clip-in extensions is an excellent business plan for a number of reasons. It is crucial that, as a stylist or a business owner, you provide your customers exactly what they want in order to help them reach their hair goals. That is frequently not as simple as it seems. Some clients are looking for a significant transformation, which might not be achievable for their hair type at all or might not be doable in one visit. On the other hand, clip-in extensions can offer clients more possibilities and can help fulfill clients' achieve their hair dreams within minutes on a budget.

Clip-in hair extensions also help stylists by saving you time; rather than installing a full set of beaded wefts, k-tips or tape-ins. Stylists can offer clients an option to install hair extensions on their own and at home to achieve the look that they’re hoping for on a bargain. 

Your business can benefit not only from clip-in but also by willing to provide your clients with the solution that clip-in extensions offer—whatever that solution may be.

The Benefits Of Clip-Ins For Your Clients

A wide range of clients can experience an important boost in self-esteem with hair extensions. The most common choice for people looking to lengthen their hair is to use extensions. Clip-in extensions are a great option for clients who want long hair some days and their natural hair another day. They are also a cost effective option when clients are working with a budget. That is where you come in by offering clip-in extensions in your salon. 

Clients will look for extensions to cover up bad coloring, damaged hair, and thinning hair. Many clients only require extensions because they have fine hair that lacks volume. You might be surprised to learn about the wide range of clientele that is searching for an easy option for hair extensions. Many of them aren't even aware that they need or want them. Providing high-quality extensions can help you attract more inquisitive customers and can generate more business for you.

How Clip-Ins Will Help Your Business 

There is an endless array of hair extension alternatives available, and the selection is always growing. You can continue to provide them exactly what they want if you offer each form of hair extension in your salon and are aware of how different they are from one another. This is because a client may benefit more from one type of extension than another.

Extension kinds are no different from hair trends, which are ever-evolving. Things have advanced significantly in the last several years, especially with the new wave of extensions that have grown the industry. Even if clip-ins are now one of the most popular solutions, things change quickly in the world of trends. To establish dependability as a business, a stylist or salon owner must determine the most in-demand styles and make sure their salon is providing them. 

The Popularity Of Clip-Ins 

Clip-in extensions are among the most well-liked in the hair market right now, and for good reason. For many clients, clip-ins are a good choice since they offer length and volume without causing any harm. Clients may continue living their lives as usual with clip-in extensions since they are easy to install and  are a temporary solution. Clients can experiment with a new style without commitment.

Since many customers are now looking for this trendy style, offering clip-in extensions at your salon can generate a lot of revenue. They were first introduced to the hair industry many years ago, but ever since then, they have become quite popular. When starting to offer clip-ins, you have to advertise them on social media, this will make clients interested in the product and might choose to buy a pair during their next visit.

In A Nutshell

Clip-in extensions provide a significant possibility for business expansion at hair salons. One of the most important aspects of a stylist's work is to maintain client happiness by giving them the hair of their dreams. Giving them the choice of extensions might come in handy. Offering hair extensions is certain to help your business grow since it will lead to the answer that clients are looking for, save you a ton of time, and—most importantly—appeal to more potential clients.

About Our Clip-Ins

Treat your clip ins just like your natural hair.. Wash, Blow Dry, Curl, Flat Iron. Our custom color blends are designed by hair stylists to match even the most dimensional colors. We offer solid colors, highlighted colors and balayage colors. They are 100%, Human Remy Hair. Double drawn and cuticle aligned.

Each pack of clip-ins contains 8 pieces of 20” hair. 160 grams of hair. 160 grams is enough for most hair types. If you have extremely thick hair or hair shorter than shoulder length, you may need more than one pack.

(1) - 10" weft, (1) - 8" weft, (1) - 7" weft,

(1)- 5" weft, (2) - 3" wefts, (Two) - 1" wefts

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