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Online or In Person Education?

As hair stylists, we know there’s nothing more important than education! No matter if you just completed beauty school, or you're an experienced stylists, you need to continue furthering your skills. The only way to stay on top of the hair trends, is to continue your education.

What can you learn in education courses?

The beauty industry is always evolving and creating new trends. Stylists have to always be ready to take on these challenges and learn new techniques. An education course can make you a “stand-out stylist” by:

  • Increasing skill and knowledge

  • Improving credibility

  • Diversifying your clientele

  • Increasing sales

Online Education:

Online education allows the stylist to learn at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home. All companies are different, but for example: Sierra & Sage offers an online training course that includes training videos for all 3 methods of hair extensions, including the seamless method. It also includes access to one on one support with an educator and swag bag that is mailed to you, which includes all the tools needed to apply extensions. For some stylists with a busy schedule, online education works perfect for them! They are able to earn their certifications by watching videos whenever they have free time. The cons- It is generally harder to master a technique because the actual learning time is much longer, which in turns is prolonging the amount of time before you're actually offering the service in the salon. You also have to be very self motivated. Many stylists sign up for online course and NEVER follow through! Crazy, right?

In Person Education:

If you prefer a hands-on experience, in person education is for you! Unlike an online course, you are able to work hands-on and one-on-one with educators. During these trainings you are able to learn, meet specialists and build a stronger community of stylists. Sierra & Sage’s in person education courses are taught by stylists who work behind the chair everyday. Each class is designed to teach you everything you need to know so that you can go back to the salon and start offering extensions right away! The cons- Sometimes a one day crash course can be an overload of information for stylists who would prefer more time to master the craft. Although, Sierra & Sage’s certification fixes this issue by offering online course to all in person attendees so they can watch videos to refresh on information and technique. In Person Education can also be more expensive because of added traveling expenses....but who doesn't love an extra vacation that they can write off on their taxes!

Which one is better?

Education is so beneficial, whether its online or in person. A hands-on experience is recommended; but if your schedule won’t allow it, then online will work! Either way, you are learning techniques that will help you further your career and build your connections. Check out the Sierra & Sage “education” tab to learn about our online and in person education courses!



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