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Easy Date Night Styles That Will Impress

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

You've finally received your dream Valentine's Day date invite, and right now you're stressing out over both your hair and your outfit! Sounds familiar? Take a deep breath, girlfriend. These stunning date night hairstyles will leave a lasting impression whether you're going to a casual night out or a five-star restaurant! Simply follow this guide in our detailed date night hair guide to look stunning and sexy.

Look #1

You Are My Type Half Up

How To:

Just simply begin with a half-up with a little elastic. Flip the pony tail upwards and pull it tight - like a big warm hug. Place a claw clip on the elastic and let your hair fall over it. This is your type of half-up for a night out with a loved one.

Look #2

Heart Shaped Bubble Braid

How to:

Start with creating two fluffy braids with face framing pieces. With the remaining hair, create a low ponytail. Wrap the two braids around the pony and secure them with a few bobby pins. For a more elevated look, create two little upside down bubbles. This look will make anyone fall in love!

Look #3

Flipping Through Love Claw Clip

How To:

The easiest style of them all. Flip into the love mood with this style. Pull your hair into a half-up and secure it with an elastic. Flip the pony tail inside out and fluff as you desire. Place a sassy clip to spice up the look and you are set for a night full of love.

Look #4

Criss Crossed Love Pony

How To:

Star crossed lovers? More like criss crossed lovers! The first thing you need is create a half up. Then, set apart two 2 pieces of hair from below the pony. At this point, you will wrap the sections around the ponytail and tie them underneath. So simple!

We would love to see your Valentine’s Day hairstyle. Simply tag us on Instagram @sierra.sage.extensions and us the hashtag #sierraandsagehair to be featured on our page. We can’t wait to see you rocking these styles!



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