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Great Client Gift Ideas For The Holiday Season

Choosing holiday presents for your clients can be more difficult than selecting gifts for family and friends. It's all about expressing your appreciation. To help with customer loyalty into the upcoming year, you can express gratitude to your favorite, most loyal, and/or highest-spending clients from the previous year. 

Client appreciation gifts have to be appealing to a diverse range of clients with varying interests and preferences. Your Christmas presents will be so appreciated that customers will want to share pictures of it on social media and tag you in them, which is free advertising! Giving gifts to clients doesn’t have to be costly in order to be appreciated, you can be frugal with your gift spending and still impress your clients. Purchasing in bulk will likely help you save money on client gifts that your customers will love & appreciate, which will encourage them to continue seeing you in the upcoming year.

Follow along for the best client gifts ideas for the holiday season…

Everyone Needs More Hair Accessories

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to show your clients you care than by gifting them the perfect accessory for their hair? Claw clips and scrunchies are not only practical but also a stylish addition to any outfit. Whether you're shopping for a fashion-forward teen or a busy mom who needs an easy hair solution, these claw clips & scrunchies got you covered!

Hair Brushes Are The Gifts That Keep On Giving

Shake out the tinsel and deck the halls while gifting this practical and useful gift! Our Hairbrushes make excellent gifts for any client. A good Hairbrush is a present everyone will love and love to use. Perfect for extensions and natural hair.

What To Know About Smooth Talker

A Smooth Talker you’ll actually want to keep around! This brush is a combination of Boar Bristles and Nylon Bristles with a wooden handle for durability. Perfect for extensions and natural hair. Good for: smoothing & detangling.

Smooth Talker Detangling Brush for Hair Extensions

What To Know About Don’t Make Me Blush

Don't Make Me Blush is the brush that will have you feeling giddy all the time. This brush is excellent for wet or dry hair, but she really shines when detangling wet hair! The prettiest blush pink brush with cutest packaging to match!

Don't Make Me Blush Brush Perfect for Extensions & Natural Hair


Get Rid Of Your Client’s Hard Water With A Shower Filter

A shower filter makes a wonderful gift for a variety of factors. It encourages improved health, offers a practical budget-friendly solution, is simple to set up and maintain, and is environmentally beneficial. So, whether you're shopping for an extension client, someone struggling with discoloration, or looking for an easy holiday present, think about a shower filter as a thoughtful and useful choice. Purchasing a few shower filter replacements can ensure clients get great use out of the gift.

The Beauty Of Silks & Satins 

Silk pillowcases & accessories are universal, just like women’s desire to take care of their faces and hair. They are the best gift for everyone because of this. Skincare and hair care are one of the most shopped for beauty categories across all age groups. The silk pillowcase & accessories are proven to be beneficial to skin and hair.

About Our Silk Pillowcases

Both anti-aging and anti-bed head, our Silk Pillowcases are gentle on skin, hair & eyelash extensions. Silk pillowcases decrease frizz, tangling, and breakage in natural hair and hair extensions. They also decrease eyelash extension shedding and decrease acne and wrinkles all while getting a good night's sleep. Excellent for skin care and acne-prone skin types!

Silk Pillowcases to Protect Your Hair During Sleep

About Our Silk Accessories

Our Sierra & Sage Satin Scrunchies are a must-have for both your natural hair and hair extensions, plus they add a bit of style to any ponytail, bun, or braid! Satin Scrunchies are delicate to your hair, reducing friction and tension while protecting your hair from breakage or split ends. The ultra soft and smooth satin allows you to sleep with your hair up without fear of crimping or after morning bedhead, helping you wake up each day with a good hair day!

Silk Scrunchies to Protect Your Hair While It Is Up

Home Care Kits For The Besties

Hair care gift sets aren't just delightful; they're also incredibly useful. Unlike that quirky mug that ends up collecting dust or the random trinket that becomes a mystery shelf artifact, a hair care gift set is a daily reminder of your thoughtfulness. Picture this: Every time they reach for that pillowcase, scalp scrubber or style their hair with that brush, they'll be thinking of you.

But wait, there's more! Hair care is universal. Whether your giftee rocks a sleek bob or bouncy curls, there's a perfect haircare set waiting to cater to their unique style. It's like giving a custom-fit gift without the hassle of measuring inseams or guessing shirt sizes.

Friends With Benefits: Extension Care Kit

When it comes to hair extensions, having the right friends with the right benefits is everything. This beauty box is filled with all the must have items for top notch extension care. This deluxe kit will give your hair extensions everything they need to last the long haul.

Deluxe Hair Extension Care Kit With 2 Types Of Brushes, Shower Scalp Brush, Silk Scrunchie, and a Silk Pillowcase

Friends With Benefits: Mini Extension Kit

When it comes to hair extensions, having the right friends with the right benefits is everything. This beauty box is filled with all the must have items for top notch extension care. This mini kit will give your hair extensions everything they need to last the long haul.

Mini Hair Extension Care Kit with 2 Types of Brushes, Shower Scalp Brush, Silk Scrunchie, and Home Hair Care Guide


This holiday season, stylists and salon owners have the chance to leave a lasting impact on their most devoted clientele by selecting thoughtful thank-you presents. A quick and easy method to keep customers coming back is to give them memorable gifts!! Happy Holidays from everyone at Sierra & Sage. We hope your holidays will be filled with joy and laughter through the New Year.

Want To Save More This Holiday Season?

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