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Hair Trends We Are Falling In Love With This Season

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

There are perks to every season, and the upcoming one brings exciting autumn 2022 hair styles. Follow your temptation to change your look when the leaves begin to fall and begin to wrap yourself in all things warm. Choose from 2022's hottest autumn hair colors or a slightly updated style to welcome the chilly weather.

1. Bronde Latte

When fall arrives, there is a mass return of chestnut and mushroom tones and allowing the naturally deeper colors to appear. The darker brown tones for this autumn will follow a similar pattern, but they will be rich and multifaceted with significant use of lowlights. This trend has started earlier this season than usual since prominent social media figures like Hailey Bieber are already driving it.

Hair by

2. Pumpkin Spice Color Blocking

This spring and summer, color placements with a '90s vibe lit up our feeds, and it seems like they are here to stay for the Fall. Modern color-blocked hair pulls cues from vintage looks and gives them a fresh update. The For You sections on TikTok and Instagram are filled with vibrant hairdos. The hottest trends right now are money pieces, split dye, multicolor highlights, and underpainting. When you can wear any color on your head, why choose just one amazing hue?

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3. Chocolate & Cinnamon

Every hair texture and style looks amazing with warm copper, which is a fantastic hue for fall. It avoids becoming pumpkin orange by having shades of dark brown or amber. Keep your hair hydrated to ensure that the color lasts. Include highlights to provide some depth and lightness to the overall appearance. This is a fantastic technique to add a touch of summer to your fall hair.

Hair by @jacky_bullard_hair

4. Getting Spooky

Hair that is deep black is beautiful and flattering. It also looks great on a wide range of complexion tones and is a favorite for the fall and winter. No matter if you have straight or wavy hair, it will look fantastic. There is no better time to go dark than right now as seasons change and everyone gets their spooky on.

Hair by @brandicottyhair

5. Caramel Latte

Caramel latte is the best transitional shade for people with black or extremely dark brown hair: Although it's somewhat elevated, it values the depth of your root color, making the grow-out appear intentional and the finished product silky and dimensional.

Hair by

Although many of the trendy hairstyles for autumn still follow the traditional themes of darker tones, face framing, and layers, there are a few outliers, such as the flaming reds that have been making the rounds on major social media sites. Make sure you are committed to the look before choosing one of these riskier alternatives because it might take a while for it to grow out. If not, it could be preferable to choose a trending style that demands less time investment, such as a mild balayage or adding a little money piece to update your existing look.



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