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10 Questions You Should Ask A Salon Owner When Interviewing To Work In Their Salon

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

It’s time for your salon interview: you’ve prepared your portfolio, your resume and you’re wearing one of your favorite outfits. What else do you need? We recommend putting together a list of questions to ask the salon owner, to make sure the salon is a perfect match for you! To help you in your interview process, we made a list of questions you should ask the salon owner:

Question #1: How long have you been in business?

To start off, you want to learn about the salon owner. How long have they worked in the hair industry? How long have they owned the salon? These are important questions to ask because if they’ve been in the business for a long time, they may be looking to retire soon, which means the business may close or change ownership.

Question #2: What amenities do you offer for clients?

Happy client = happy stylist. You want to make sure that the salon prioritizes the clients and creates a welcoming environment. To maintain a solid clientele, your clients have to love your work and your salon.

Question #3: What product lines do you carry and how long have you carried them?

Do you like the products that the salon offers? Will the products help you achieve your style goals? Asking how long a salon has carried their product line gives you an idea as to how successful the product sales are in the salon as well as how educated the stylists are with the product lines.

Question #4: Does Your Salon Offer Education Programs? If so, how often?

As stylists, we must innovate our services and stay on top of all of the trends. The best way to do this? Continuing Education. Ask the salon owner if they offer any in house education programs or if they frequently host outside education.

Question #5: What does the top stylists’ income look like?

Think about your potential income at this salon. Although this may be a personal question it’s important to really understand how much room there is for growth in this salon. Make sure you are earning what you deserve & receiving the benefits you want.

Question #6: What do I need to know about your contracts?

Let’s talk contracts- what types of contracts do you need to sign? Will you sign a non-compete contract? Is there a lease if you’re doing a chair rental? Make sure you understand all the details before you take the job.

Question #7: What do your stylists love about your salon?

Learning how the salon owner thinks other stylists feel about the salon, can give you a sneak peak on how you might feel if you work there.! You want to find out what kind of salon it is. Is it a positive work environment? Team environment? Does it seem like other stylists love working there?

Question #8: What is the salon like on your busiest days?

Is the salon busier on some days than others? Is there a good system in place for when the salon is packed? Find out how the salon handles busy days and if it works for you! This is also a great way to gauge your desired schedule- are you building and want to work the busiest days or are you established and prefer a chill salon environment- then maybe working the slower days is best!

Question #9: Do you have monthly staff meetings or outings?

Salon culture relies on the relationships between stylists and other staff. You want to make sure you are all on the same page, especially if there are any updates at the salon. Frequent staff meetings mean less rumors and less drama. Staff outings can help you get to know one another, creating better team dynamics within the salon.

Question #10: What do you love about your salon?

The salon owner knows the salon better than anyone. Ask them what they love about their salon or what makes their salon stand out. This question is especially important because you will feel the emotion in their answer. Are they excited about their salon or burnt out? Are they passionate about their mission as a salon owner or are they doing the bare minimum.



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