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5 Ways to Support your Stylist Without Getting a Service!

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Your hairdresser is not just responsible for your excellent hair days; they’re often someone you consider your friend, confidant, and maybe even mentor. Small businesses are always appreciative of your support, so we wanted to share five simple ways that you can support your favorite salon or stylist without having to spend extra cash or paying a visit to the salon

1. Show some love on social media

Giving them a social media shout-out is simple. Why not post the selfie you took following your most recent hair cut or color? Or mention all the reasons why you depend on your local hair salon and stylist? Like, comment, share to your story and save the post are all great ways to boost engagement on their social media.

2. Pre-book your next appointment

Even if it's a few weeks or months away, make your next appointment ahead of time to demonstrate your loyalty. Your hair stylist will value the gesture, and it will enable them to plan their schedule ahead of time. Plus- the earlier you book your appointment, the more likely you will get the time and date you prefer. So, It’s a win-win situation!

3. Leave a review

Leaving a review is a fantastic way to spread the word. Check to see whether you can post a review on Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, or Google.. Share your favorite services, describe the atmosphere and personnel, and make sure to personally thank your hairdresser. Some salons even offer special deals for when you leave a review… make sure to ask your stylist the next time you are in.

4. Purchase retail

Utilizing the items your hairdresser suggests is the best way to have salon quality hair at home. If your hair salon sells to you directly, a part of your purchase will go to your hair salon and stylist and is often an excellent resource for your stylist to gain continued education from brands!

5. Refer a friend

It has been said that the greatest form of advertising is word of mouth and we agree! Not to mention a referral is the absolute best compliment you can give a Hairstylist. As a current client, you are one of the most powerful resources a stylist has for attracting new client relationships and ultimately securing new clients. It's pretty simple… client referrals lead to even more client referrals.

Simple acts like showing love on social media, booking your next appointment, leaving a review, purchasing retail and referring a friend will brighten a stylists’ day and career. So, we challenge you; if you love and appreciate your stylist, show them by checking off some (or all) of the items on this list!



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