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7 Reasons You Should Try Seamless Weft Extensions

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Our biggest Sierra & Sage Secret yet, the revolutionary Seamless Weft is changing the extension game for stylists across the globe, and it may just be time for you to level up behind the chair! The combined innovation of comfort like a Hand-Tied Weft and durability like a Machine-Weft, Seamless Weft Extensions are extremely flat and thin, but can be cut anywhere on the seam without shedding or unraveling, giving you full control over your custom placement. But there’s more glory to the Seamless Weft than just having full control of your placement and maximum comfort, so let’s dive into them:

  1. Say goodbye to the mustache: Seamless Weft’s have NO hair return, also known as the hair mustache that can sometimes cause irritation to the scalp.

  2. Virtually undetectable: Get the instant satisfaction of length, volume, and most importantly a seamless result!

  3. Same length, price, weight, thickness and quality that you know & love: We pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality hair to do the job right, while keeping the price fair for our community of stylists. That’s why our new and improved beaded row weft is the same price, weight and thickness as all of our Hand-Tied Extensions and will soon be available in all lengths (18”, 20”, and 22”) and 28 custom colored blends.

  4. Custom made and cut for you: Craft the perfect fit… these new wefts can be cut anywhere on the seam without shedding or unraveling, giving you full control of your custom placement!

  5. Versatility: You can install Seamless Weft Extensions with various beaded row methods, although we must say it is perfectly paired with our Seamless Method, which ensures that all beads are concealed and hidden to the naked eye. They’re also versatile for different hair lengths and density, meaning most people will be an ideal candidate for them as long as you’re following the basic installation principles and guidelines.

  6. Long lasting durability: With proper home care and maintenance, our hair can last anywhere between 9-12 months. Each package of our hair comes with an extension aftercare guide. We always recommend following stylists maintenance routines and booking move-ups every 6-8 weeks.

  7. Keeping up with the trends: As hairstylists, staying up to date with current beauty trends and popular hairstyles helps us maintain current clients satisfaction and happiness, while encouraging new clients to come sit in the chair!

This new weft is not only a game changer for stylists but clients as well. As these wefts are almost untraceable, different hair types are able to experience the hair extension love. They are not only great for adding length but also thickness with less noticeability. Hair Extensions are always a girl’s best friend, but finding the perfect ones can be a challenge! We’ve done the search for you and now are officially offering this revolutionary weft on our website. The Seamless Weft is the new go-to extension so make sure to shop them now.



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