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Are tape-ins bad for your hair?

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Do you want long, luscious hair without the pain of growing it out? Tape-in hair extensions might be exactly what you’re looking for. Tape-in extensions allow you to have a longer, fuller, more voluptuous style; without a long term commitment. Melissa Castaldy, founder of Sierra & Sage, goes into depth on the pros and cons of tape-in hair extensions.

What Are Tape-in Extensions?

Tape-in extensions are extensions that are taped into your hair, literally. The extensions adhere to the root of the hair, using medical grade tape. Each piece of hair is “sandwiched” between two pieces of hair, creating an unbreakable bond. Unlike clip-in extensions, this alternative is semi-permanent and needs to be installed by a professional. Melissa Castaldy states, “They are incredibly easy to wear, blend and customize. They are a great option for someone looking for a less expensive, short-term hair extension”. The prices vary based on length, color and quality. A thicker head of hair would need more extensions installed.

How long do tape-in extensions last?

Everyone is different. Typically, the tape-in’s should last between 6-10 weeks, but it is completely up to your stylist. According to Melissa, “One of the most important ways to prevent damage is by coming in for your maintenance appointment, exactly when your stylists suggests it. They suggest that for a reason and it is different for everyone. Some people need to come in at 6 weeks, while others can wait until 8 weeks”. During reinstallation, your stylist will use a gentle bond remove to separate and slide the sandwiches out. Then they will reapply them into your hair, using new tape. As long as you take amazing care of your extensions, you can continue to reuse them for each reapplication.

Lets get real: Is it bad for your hair?

Being really honest about extensions….they are all damaging to a degree. Anything we do to our hair, that isn’t leaving it 100% natural, is causing some sort of damage. BUT the intensity of the damage is overexaggerated, especially with tape-ins. Melissa states, “Tape-in’s aren’t very damaging, as long as they are being installed and removed properly. A lot of stylists try to rush the removal process, which is what can cause the damage. At-home care is also very important. You need to be extremely careful when brushing, not yanking or tearing your hair. I also recommend wearing your hair in a ponytail, bun or braid while sleeping to avoid tangling”. Being gentle is key. Itis also recommended for people with extremely thin and fragile hair to steer clear of tape-ins.

Sierra & Sage Hair Extensions offers tape-in extensions in a variety of custom color blends. They come in 60 gram packs, with 20 pieces to make 10 sandwiches. Check out our website to learn more!



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