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How To Choose The Right Bead And Thread Color For Your Client

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Micro beads come in a variety of sizes and colors. Using the right bead will result in better looking and longer lasting hair extensions. Picking the right size of beads is extremely important- it needs to be the perfect size to avoid any slipping. Slippings of extensions are a client’s biggest nightmare! As well as sizing, finding the perfect match to the client’s root tone will help the extensions blend regardless of the hairstyle.

Here are some things to look for when purchasing beads:

  1. Beads of the best material: The best beads to purchase are going to be silicone lined. You are going to want to avoid beads made of copper, steel and tin. These types of metals can tarnish, crack and lose color when exposed to water and shampoos. Eventually they can cause irritation to the scalp. Silicone lined beads are long lasting and are the highest quality beads available.

  2. Beads that match root tones: There is no need to match a bead to a large variety of hair extension colors. Rather, use beads that match the basic shade of the client’s natural root. When the beads match the client’s root tone, the beads are a lot less likely to be noticeable.

PRO TIP: If you are unsure which bead and thread color is the best match for your client’s natural base, try switching your camera to black & white! This is probably the easiest way to identify the proper bead and thread tone for your client. We retail a variety of beads and threads for you to choose from to find the perfect match such as… Black, Dark Ash Brown, Brown, Light Brown, Blonde and Burgundy beads.

Sizing Guide: When it comes to sizing, using your best judgment about your client’s hair is what will ultimately determine which beads you use. A size guide we like to follow for our microbeads is below for different hair types and textures…

4mm- Best for thin/fine hair

4.5mm- Best for thin/medium hair

5mm- Best for thick/coarse hair

When it is time to start matching your thread, we suggest using the thread closest to the color of the extensions. To do so, lay a few options within the weft and pick the one that is the least noticeable. Using the black & white method is also helpful during this process. Our Cotton thread is super strong while being gentle on the hair. Available in five colors: Blonde, Brown, Dark Brown, and Black.

To achieve the most seamless looking extensions, it starts with the foundation. The thread and beads are minor details that ultimately make an install successful and leave your client feeling beautiful. Using these tips will help you become a master extension stylist as these small details matter the most.



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