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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Hair Extensions

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

We believe in giving the best to get the most, Sierra and Sage hair extensions are made from the highest quality Remy hair. Whether it's our clip-ins, flat wefts, hand-tied, single wefts, or tape-ins, the same rule applies, treat your extensions like you would your own natural hair. With these tips and tricks, you'll get the most mileage out of your extensions. From brushing to washing and everything in between, we have you covered!

Don't be Knotty!

Regular brushing is super important, using a Boar Bristle brush is a must for detangling and smoothing out your extensions. Depending on what method of installation you chose for your hair extensions determines exactly what style of brushing we suggest.

-Clip-ins, Should be brushed while not attached, either by holding them at the sewn strip and brushing from mid-shaft down to the ends or try laying the hair on a silk pillow and brushing from mid to end. We also love using a pants hanger to hold your clip extensions while you wash, brush & style them.

-Hand-tied, You never want to apply too much force when brushing extensions, especially when brushing sewn-in extensions. A great way to avoid any mishaps is to use one hand to lightly hold the base of the extension you are brushing to the scalp, this will alleviate some force and reduce the odds of pulling too hard, which may cause your extensions to slip.

-Tape-in, Similar to hand-tied hair extensions you want to avoid using too much force, while tape-ins are a great alternative to a more secure sewn-in application, gentleness is going to be key when caring for tape-ins, and will also reduce breakage.

PRO TIP: When brushing your extensions when wet, ONLY use a detangling brush designed for wet hair.

Healthy Hair Styles

Let's talk Style! Caring for your extensions can also be trendy, braided hairdos not only protect against breakage but can also reduce tangling while you sleep. Check out our top picks for Hair extension-friendly looks!

Get creative and accessorize, we are obsessed with these hoop clips! This is the fishtail braid and it is giving elegant boho vibes, definitely on trend for 2021.

Say hello to the classic double french braid with a twist, leaving half down is perfect for an effortless daytime do, when it's time to call it a night, simply continue the braid throughout to the ends and you're ready for bed!

PRO TIP: Sleeping in braids will not only help maintain a natural-looking curl but making this a bedtime routine is a must for the health of your extensions.

Smooth and silky

On average you'll get anywhere from 5-8 hours of sleep each night, that's a lot of downtimes, and depending on how much tossing and turning you do each night bedtime can wreak havoc on your hair but fear not babes! There is a solution.

Silk pillowcases are an absolute must-have. The benefits of using silk are tenfold, as far as hair goes, eliminating friction prevents breakage and the lavish texture of silk also improves hydration. That's a big deal, especially while wearing extensions. Whether you wear extensions or just rock your natural hair these pillowcases are a 10/10 for us!

PRO TIP: Washing your pillowcase once per week will help eliminate dirt and


Don’t dull your shine

Much like your skin, direct sunlight can cause damage to your extensions and prolonged exposure can dull and even lighten your hair, this isn't to say you have to avoid sunlight all together but if you're headed to the beach for the day, grab a cute hat!

Coming Clean

A common misconception is that you need to wash your extensions as often as you would wash your natural hair and whether you have clip-in, tape-ins, or sewn in, that is simply not the case. Unlike your natural hair, your extensions are removed from an oil source, AKA the scalp. Unless there is product buildup washing your extensions daily is not necessary.

As you use products like oils, hair sprays, and serums build-up is created. A good rule of thumb is, as you notice difficulty styling and your curls not holding, then you know it's time to wash. Remember to be gentle and if you have hard water use a clarifying shampoo to remove mineral build-up.

PRO TIP: Always blow-dry the root of your extensions but you don’t have to blow dry all of your extension hair, it’s actually best to air dry both installed extensions and clip-in, it's all about getting the most wear out of your hair.

Comment below, and let us know what your favorite hair extension hack is!

1 comment

1 Comment

Emily Evans
Emily Evans
Jul 13, 2021

Simply dry shampoo! Having extensions make it so much easier to go longer in between washes, making dry shampoo my best friend. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my natural hairs health by not having to wash as frequently.

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