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Should You Consider Using A Hybrid Method Of Extensions?

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

What is the Sierra & Sage Hybrid Method? Our hybrid method is the combination of beaded weft extensions (more specifically our seamless method) and K-Tips. The Hybrid Method is an excellent way to create a more luxurious finish. Using the combination of Seamless Wefts and K-Tips will give your clients everything they need and more out of their hair extensions. The use of a Hybrid Method gives clients a seamless and comfortable wear with a whole lot of density in all the right places. The Hybrid Method also offers ultimate flexibility that will allow your clients more styling options with a completely seamless look.

Why/how would I use The Hybrid Method?

  • Fill in a sparse hairline

  • Blend out short face framing or breakage

  • Customize a bold money piece

  • Adding K-Tips directly to your wefts for customized color placement

  • Adding pops of fashion shades without coloring the natural hair

  • Adding density to a thinning hairline

  • Building weight at the nape on extremely short hair

These are just a few great ways to elevate your clients extensions, but the possibilities are truly endless.

The Installation Process & Sectioning:

When it comes to installing a hybrid method, there needs to be strategic planning. We recommend applying a seamless row first and then installing K-Tips in the areas you need to fill in. The most common areas for K-Tip placement is the hairline, nape of the neck and can also be used to fill in thinning at the part line.

PRO-TIP: The size of your bond should always match the density of the natural hair you are attaching it to.

Tools Needed For Install:

Fused K-Tip Tool Kit:

The Fused K-Tip Tool Kit has everything you need to install K-Tip extensions comfortably, safely and with control.


  • Pliers

  • K-tip Cutter

  • Small Scissors

  • Mini Clips

  • Heat Shields

K-Tip Extension Iron:

Our K-Tip Extension Iron is perfect for applying flat tip keratin bonded extensions to your clients hair. Designed for comfortability, it’s lightweight and easy to handle with a controlled, consistent heat setting.

Matte Black OG Tool Kit:

The Matte Black OG Tool Kit has everything you need for beaded weft extensions.


  • Clamping Pliers

  • Unclamping Pliers

  • Small Scissors

  • Weft Clips

  • Stitching Needles

  • Finger Sectioning Tool

  • 2 Bead Tools

Proper Maintenance:

When working with a hybrid method, the maintenance looks just a little bit different because each method has different time frames for move-ups.

Your clients will need a move up on their seamless wefts every 6 to 8 weeks depending on natural hair texture, density and growth cycles. Extensions should always be completely removed and reinstalled at each appointment. This will help avoid prolonged tension that could lead to tension alopecia.

K-Tip Extensions should be checked every 8 weeks to ensure your client is taking proper care of their extensions. At this appointment you should check from twisting, dreading and matting. You should also remove any k-tips that are fraying or slipping. Keep in mind their k-tips will need to be removed and replaced every 3 to 4 months. This means at their second weft move-up you will likely be removing and installing brand new k-tips as well so make sure to schedule this appointment with just a little extra time.

We have truly been falling in love with The Hybrid Method and we think you will too! If you’re looking to further your education and learn our Seamless Method or our K-Tip Method. We’d love for you to join us in one of our class in person or online. For more information, visit our



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