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Fall Shades We’re Loving This Season!

Low-maintenance colors are starting to take center stage as cooler weather approaches. Having said that, one option to bring lightness into your life is by giving yourself a wonderful autumn makeover with a fully new or somewhat updated hair color. In addition, low-maintenance doesn't have to be boring and this autumn there are more daring hair color options you can play around with.

In conclusion, there are a ton of gorgeous variants you can try out this autumn, whether you want a big makeover or a subtle change. Take an idea from these eight Sierra & Sage transformations just in time for the Fall if you're looking for some inspiration…

Cowboy Copper:

With tints that resemble orange sunsets and the ideal lighting of golden hour, cowboy copper hair might be the ideal choice for fall. Even though it's a bolder color, it can be adjusted and made to work for every skin tone and undertone.

Model is wearing 5 packs of 18” K-Tips in shades Autumn (#33) & Brooke (#30)

Stylist: Maddi Dowden @maddiologyy

Barbie Blondes:

You're in luck if you are absolutely committed to having blonde hair and have no intention of changing, since bright blondes are still in style. It should come as no surprise that blondes will continue to be in the spotlight this autumn given the popularity of the Barbie movie from the summer.

Model is wearing 2 packs of 22” Seamless Wefts in shades Sierra (#60/ice) & Aspen (#7-19a/60a)

Stylist: Amanda Terry @luxhairandextensionsxamanda

Rich Dark Chocolate:

The best part about chocolate color is how natural it appears and how well it defines your features. An elegant fall hair color idea for brunettes!

Model is wearing 3 packs of 18” Hand Tied Wefts in shade Stephanie (#2)

Stylist: Bri Stack @cosmeticallybri

Low Maintenance Buttery Blondes:

Cool, taupe, and beige undertones define the classy and versatile color of buttery blonde hair. A range of skin tones are complemented by the soft and natural look of buttery blonde hair.

Model is wearing 3 packs of 18” Seamless Wefts in shade Skye (#8-8/22)

Stylist: Kelly Madsen @tatankahair

The Classic Blondie:

Consider this a new and better form of platinum blonde that starts with roots that are richer in color and melts into every vibrant shade you could desire—without running the risk of serious damage with frequent touch-ups.

Model is wearing 3 packs of 22” K-Tips in shades Sierra (#60/ice) & Sage (#613)

Stylist: Allye Schulz @stylesbyallye

Soft Caramel Balayage:

For brunettes who want to spice things up and brighten their hair without really becoming blonde, a soft caramel balayage is ideal. Among the most popular hair colors to experiment with for fall are chocolate brown and chestnut tones.

Model is wearing 3 packs of 22” K-Tips in shade Sarah (#4-4/18)

Stylist Judy Grace Wilbanks @jgdoesmyhair

Fiery Blonde + Copper:

If you love fiery hair colors and don't mind standing out from the crowd, this gorgeous look is for you. Then, add highlights and lowlights in the greatest autumn hair colors, like auburn, light copper, golden, or strawberry blonde, to bring out your most appealing reddish tone for the Fall.

Model is wearing 5 packs of 22” Seamless Wefts in shades Amy (#10/16), Kenzie (#30-14/30) & Emily (#14/22)

Stylist: Brandi Cotty @brandicottyhair

Fall hair color trends may be our favorite of the year in terms of seasonal fashion. They are always different, utilizing a palette of both warm, rich colors and colder, crisper tones. With the collection of frosty blondes, rich browns, the famous cowgirl copper, and auburn locks, you have plenty of room to express your creativity with your clients' hair.

Want to be featured on our social media platforms or in our blogs? Simply tag us on Instagram @sierra.sage.extensions and us the hashtag #sierraandsagehair to be featured on our page. We can’t wait to see you rocking these styles and love sharing the beauty you create!


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